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Health & Safety Advice

All movement in the building must be in a safe and controlled manner. Diving and Jumping into the water is not permitted from any part of the poolside. Swimming is generally an ideal way of assisting recovery after an illness or preparing for an operation etc. If you think that there is a chance of you having a problem in the water during this period just inform the staff. Should you require medication, inhaler etc, there is a specific cupboard on the poolside for this purpose. Just clearly identify your item and make sure that the staff are aware. If you are taking any medication please check with your G.P. to be sure that you will not have any adverse effects through exercise in water.

Please do not wear outdoor shoes in the shower areas and we are trying to stop the use of talcum powder in the change areas. Any talcum powder on the floors gets wet and very slippery, it also clogs the pores of damp/wet skin and it is not very nice to breathe in. In general, jewelry is not a good idea in a swimming pool. Watches, rings etc. might be waterproof but they can still leave scratches and cuts on others swimming nearby. Necklaces can easily be caught and lost, earrings can and do lose their clips and fall out, safety studs make no difference they just have sharper points. Swimmers have found them “in their feet” The only jewelry that we like to see is the MEDICAL INFORMATION bracelet or necklace. Please shower before entering the water. This will allow us to use fewer chemicals and make your swimming a more pleasant experience. Please check with us for the number of children that are allowed in during our various sessions with one adult.

If you have a verruca check it to see if there are any dark brown or black seeds/spores in it, if there are please wear a pair of pool shoes from the change area to the poolside and back again. If not, just swim as normal.

Please do NOT swim if you:

Have a heavy head cold
Have an open cut or sore
Have any sizeable scabs … including chicken pox (skin must be healthy and scab free)
Have just had your ears pierced
Have not checked your medication
Are wearing ANY sticking plasters over sores (sticking plasters must not be worn in the pool)
Have any antiseptic creams on the skin
Have had any tummy upset and/or diarrhoea in the previous 7 days
Have not tied any long hair back away from your face
Have not checked your jewelry
Have not taken any pram or push chair out of the change area onto the poolside
Have not put your clothes in a basket and handed them into the basket room and received a number (basket system not in use during lessons)
Babies are allowed from 6 months of age
If you suffer from epilepsy and you are taking medication please inform a member of staff, should the need arise we will be better at catering for your requirements.
Should you have any further queries please contact us.