Easter Program

1st  April – 14th April 2024

We are open on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday/Monday

Saturday 30th March remains open for swimming lessons

Regular Programme Sessions not running

Childrens swimming lessons

All Afternoon public swims 1.30pm – 2.30pm (Tue, Wed, Fri)

Thursday morning swim 7.15am – 8.45am

All other sessions are running and are unaffected

Additional sessions

Fun Sessions

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 4.00pm-5.00pm

Wednesday & Friday 9.00am -10.00am

Price for the fun sessions

Adult £6.30 Child £5.75 Under 5 (over 6mths £3.20)

Happy Easter!

Customer Notice


We have a few updates involving changes to the car park timetable across the next couple of weeks, that we have just been told.about this includes the easter holiday car park times.

The changes to the car park times are as follows:

Customer Notice

King Edward’s Swimming Pool Trust

The trust would like to reassure customers that it continues to work strenuously to address the severe inconvenience caused by the new restricted times for the opening and closing of the Glossop Road school gates – a process controlled solely by the school.

In particular, we are pressing the council to intervene with a view to finding a solution that protects the interests of both the school and the pool in the use of the lower car park.

The trust – a non-profit making charity created more than 30 years ago – is doing all it can to resolve the situation, aiming for the reintroduction of previously accepted times when pool customers can access the car park.

Current disruption is not only causing problems with the running of the pool, but its financial impact is also stalling capital projects such as the proposed refurbishment of the male changing accommodation.

We need customers’ as well as council support to help us to secure a long-term sustainable future for the pool.

Please make your views known, for example, through local Facebook groups and by emailing local councillors and Councillor Richard Williams, who chairs the council’s Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee (richard.williams@councillor.sheffield.gov.uk).

Thank you.

The gates will be locked as follows

Monday Closed 18.15 

Tuesday Closed 2115

Wednesday Closed 2115

Thursday Closed 2115 

Friday Closed 18.15

Saturday Open from 09.00 Closed at 1345

Sunday Open from 09.00 Closed at 1245

The school has changed the Saturday times and as we are not always being notified please check the timings on the school gate when you arrive to ensure you are not locked in.



CHILDREN’S LESSONS from September 2023 

King Edward’s Swimming Pool

We have available spaces on our lesson course starting Monday September 4th 2023.  including beginner levels and the older  9yrs beginner class

for further details please email info@kesp.co.uk / Telephone 0114 267 1116


Welcome to King Edwards Swimming Pool.

Situated on the west side of Sheffield – King Edwards Swimming Pool is a Trust and registered charity. We have a broad range of activities to suit most needs. These include public swims, swimming lessons, aquarobics, over 50’s sessions, adult and child and party hire etc. Children’s swimming lessons – available Monday to Saturday provides the main stay of the programme. The programme is called the ‘Kingfisher Scheme’ and takes children from beginner to junior competition in seven levels. A ‘Swim Fitness’ programme is available for regular swimmers to improve their fitness. Adult lessons are available in the form of learn to swim or improvement. The above programme provides the entire income for the pool and our fully qualified staff are available when assistance is required.

What We Offer
Child & Adult Swimming Lessons
Public Swimming
Private/Party Hire
Lifeguard Training
Parent & Baby/Toddler Sessions


We have car parking available in the evening from 5.15pm until close and also weekends and holidays.

The car park is in the school grounds and entry is via Glossop road

Please turn into the King Edward VII School on Glossop road (no entry from Newbold lane) there will be a set of black gates which should be open from 5.15pm (Monday – Friday) and all weekends.

Should the gates be closed driving up close will enable them to open automatically.

For our lessons you will receive a code which will enable you to enter the car park from 3.30pm

for more information on this or our sessions  you can call us on 0114 267 1116.


Children’s Swimming Lessons

From 4 years+. Classes for all abilities. Free Assessment to ensure correct level. Click here to view the  lesson timetable.

Friendly experienced teachers and a superb learning environment has helped to keep our reputation as one of the leading centres for children’s lessons. This coupled with an ideal teaching pool which has two shallow ends and is 30 meters in length makes sure there is ample room for the children to learn safely. Parents are able to sit on poolside and watch your child progress.

Please contact us for further information.


Guidance Statement

In the situation where the teacher has responsibility for groups comprising more than two pupils the teaching position is from the side of the pool as this provides the best position to oversee the whole group in terms of safety and to provide appropriate feedback on the performance of each person in the group. This does not preclude a teacher being in the water to assist pupils either on a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 basis or as an assistant to the class teacher. In fact, for groups of more than two pupils a fully qualified teacher on the poolside supported by an assistant in the water may be ideal.

It is recognised, however, that in some circumstances the teacher will have assessed the risk and may feel it is more appropriate to teach from within the water. For groups of more than two pupils this should only be considered when the group is being taught in shallow water (approximately 1m in depth) and after careful consideration of the potential risk factors which may result from the group being of varied ability. At all times the teacher must be able to clearly see all pupils and be close enough to provide physical support should this be required. It is recommended that a maximum of 4 pupils be accommodated in this way.

Reproduced by the kind permission of the Amateur Swimming Association