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General Swim

From £5.20
Per Session
  • Adult £6.30
    Child £5.50
    Over 65s £5.80
    Student (with ID) £5.80
    Family of 4 £22.00
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Set Sessions

From £5.75
Per Session
  • Fun session / Family fun Adult £6.30
    Fun session / Family fun childFun session / Family fun under 5s £5.75£3.20
    Over 50s Session £6.00
    Parent & Baby/ToddlerExtra Adult £7.75£5.00
    Lesson (Inc Instructor) £10.00
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Pool/Party Hire

From £110
Per Hour

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Frequent User Card Offer

Do you use our facilities regularly? If so, one of our Frequent User Cards might save you money. This card allows you unlimited attendance to the pool during our PUBLIC SWIMS, LANE SWIMMING  & OVER 50’s sessions.

A card can be purchased for a calendar month which will give you unlimited attendance throughout the month for the sessions highlighted below. A new card will be issued on receipt of payment for each subsequent month. The card will entitle the holder to any of the following sessions: all of the General Swimming, Lane Swimming and Over 50’s. it will not allow entry to Swimming Lessons or any other set session.

Information will be kept at the pool that will render the card non transferable, strictly sole use only. The card is to be shown at each attendance when you sign in or you will be asked to pay the full price of admission. Please be aware that this card is not a guarantee of entry should the session be too busy at the time of your attendance. It is regretted that no compensation can be made as a result of any closure. Qualification of student status is to be shown for each registration e.g. Student Card.

Should any infringement of the above occur, the card will be made void. (No refunds will be given.)

Frequent User Card

From £42.00 /mo
Per Calendar Month
  • Standard £50.00/mo
    Senior £45.00/mo
    Student £45.00/mo

Please enquire about this offer at the reception.